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Here are some great online resources to visit.

International Fellowship of Christian Martial Artists. IFCMA is a fellowship formed to meet the unique cultural, emotional, and spiritual
needs of Martial Artists and their families.

Christian Martial Arts Network. CMAN propotes martial arts as a tool to stimulate growth and development in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The About ®Martial Arts web page.  The About ® Martial Arts web page is a one stop resource for tons of martial arts and ninja information!

Sword Forum International. The sword forum is a premier online resource for anyone who wants to learn more about swords from all over the world. This online forum has informative articles, discussion boards, an online sword museum, and even links to reputable custom sword makers and sword manufacturers. If you ever decide to purchase a sword of your own, I highly recommend that you use the resources here first.

Ninja Burger online restaurant.  Ninja Burger is an online restaurant run completely by ninjas. Don't believe me? Check it out!

Warrior Crafts Martial arts supplies and Ninjustsu training classes!

martial arts supplies
Martial Arts Supplies
Looking for top rate martial arts gear? Look no further!

Current top selling Ninja books! Buy them for less at by clicking the links below!

Current top selling Aikido books!

Smithsonian Magazine online: Smithsonian is a world renowned resource for information related to science, industry, and nature. : school jokes dot com has lots of jokes and humor all about school, school life, teachers, lessons and lots more as well. Over 250 pages of them! was created for children and does not contain any bad language or topics not suitable for kids!

Castles of the world: Wonderful web page with tons of castles from all over the world!

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The Great Idea Finder: Celebrates the spirit of innovation!

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